Based on a few nameless people’s training and experience, it has come to my attention that a Marijuana Leaf was placed on the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s add on page 16 of the November issue of the Ex Parte.  In fact, if you feel the texture of page 16, you will find that it feels different than the other pages, because page 16 is made out of rolling papers. The leaf is not real so you cannot be charged with possession of cannabis or paraphernalia while reading the November, Ex Parte. However, if you bring the add with you to Beef O’ Brady’s you will receive 10% off the entire check, including alcohol and one joint per table. The rest of this has been censored, to read on go to

After further investigation it has been determined that the marijuana leaf on what is now being called the page of pot or pot page was actually from a Fall/Autumn Template provided by Microsoft word. In fact it is a color template and the color of the leaf is actually orange. No doubt in honor of a stoner who was watching, A Clockwork Orange. (See below:

Whatever the color, the shape is indisputably Pot. So the question becomes was someone at Microsoft Word trying to be funny or did someone at the BCBA accidentally use a Template for NORML or the magazine, High Times.(See below:

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s does not use any leaf or leaves in their logo or advertisements, not even a four-leaf clover which no one can claim the BCBA leaf was.  In fact, the BCBA leaf was sent out to FDLE and came back positive for THC. And yes, the BCBA leaf is a scratch and sniff emitting the odor of Cannabis, giving you a contact high and causing a person to test positive for cannabinoids. The BCBA President Samuel Bookhardt in a rare cover-up attempt was quoted as saying, “It’s an Oak Leaf.”  President Bookhardt is not a Botanist so he can be excused for seeing Oak where others see Marijuana or rather you’d have to smoke a lot of grass to mistake the BCBA leaf for that of an Oak. (See below:

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