A man convicted of sexual contact with a horse is granted a new trial. He is now allowed to go to zoos, farms, horse racing tracks, and anywhere else where horses usually go. If he is retried and found guilty he will no longer be able to go horseback riding and he will have to register as an Equine-sex offender.


Man convicted of sexual contact with horse wins new trial

April 30, 2013|By Steve Schmadeke | Tribune reporter

 A former stable hand convicted of having sexual contact with a horse at Arlington Park has won a new trial after an appeals court found police shouldn’t have arrested him for the alleged 2010 assault.

Esbin Cal-Orozco, now 32, was seen riding a bicycle away from a barn at Arlington Heights racetrack about 1 a.m. on the night of the alleged assault. An Arlington Heights police officer who interviewed Cal-Orozco later that day found him “very evasive” but released him after he denied having sexual contact with the horse. But he was arrested about three days later even though no new evidence had emerged, the appeals court found.

At the police station, Cal-Orozco confessed during a roughly 30-minute interview, records show.

Cal-Orozco, who spent about five months in jail, was convicted in a 2011 and sentenced to two years of probation and sex offender counseling.

The appeals court in a ruling on Monday agreed that authorities, even with “minimal” evidence, had proven a crime took place but that Arlington Heights police lacked probable cause to arrest Cal-Orozco.

The First District appellate panel therefore quashed the arrest and suppressed Cal-Orozco’s confession, but said the horse groomer could be tried again.

It was unclear this afternoon whether that would happen.

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