In Clinton, North Carolina, a third grader wrongfully accused of stealing $20.00 from a another third-grader was stripped search by the female principal who upon not finding the $20.00 apologized and hugged the third grader. The school is standing by the principal and no arrest has been made of either the principal or the third grader who made the false accusation.

Meanwhile in St. Louis, Missouri a man who goes around convincing women to let him hug them (and nothing more) is wanted by the police after one woman complained. Apparently, he is wanted for excessive hugging or unlawful hugging?

So if I have all this straight, it’s okay for an adult to strip search a third grader as along as she hugs him afterwards, but it’s not okay to go around giving adult women a hug. I think the St. Louis man should be allowed to strip search the principal and then hug her for an hour.

Third-grader strip-searched at North Carolina school after stealing claim
Published June 19, 2012, NewsCore

Justin Cox was reportedly ordered to strip to his T-shirt and boxer shorts after a girl student accused him of taking $20. (WRAL News)
CLINTON, N.C. – A third-grader was strip-searched at a North Carolina school after he was accused of stealing from another student. Justin Cox, ten, a student at Union Elementary School in Clinton, was ordered to strip to his T-shirt and boxer shorts on June 1 after a girl student accused him of taking $20, WRAL TV reported. He told his mom Clarinda Cox that a girl dropped the cash and he picked it up and returned it to her. She told the TV station, “If I felt he needed to be searched, I would have brought him into the bathroom. You could have had a witness in the bathroom with me. I would have searched my son.” Female assistant principal, Teresa Holmes, did not find the money, and hugged Justin and apologized to him afterwards, she claimed. Holmes said the money was later found underneath the lunchroom table. Sampson County Schools spokeswoman Susan Warren said Cox should have been informed about the search but that Holmes did nothing wrong and that a male janitor was present for the search. “The assistant principal was within her legal authority, her legal right, to do the search,” Warren said. “She may have been overzealous in her actions.” Cox said that, with or without an apology, her son was violated. “She came up to him and rubbed her fingers around inside of his underwear,” Cox said. “If that isn’t excessively intrusive, I don’t know what is.”
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/19/third-grader-strip-searched-at-north-carolina-school-after-stealing-claim/?cmpid=cmty_%7BlinkBack%7D_Third-grader_strip-searched_at_North_Carolina_school_after_stealing_claim#ixzz1yGc42i4M

Police seek man who hugs St. Louis-area women
Published June 19, 2012, Associated Press
ST. LOUIS – Police in the St. Louis area want to question a man who has approached several women and convinced them to give him a hug. KMOX Radio reports that the man approaches the women in public and claims he and the targeted women are long-lost friends. After a brief conversation he asks for a hug. Similar incidents have happened at several Schnucks markets over the past several days. When it happened recently at a Schnucks store in Fairview Heights, Ill., the woman called police.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/19/police-seek-man-who-hugs-st-louis-area women/?cmpid=cmty_%7BlinkBack%7D_Police_seek_man_who_hugs_St._Louis-area_women#ixzz1yGcD0Bwa

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