I take my stained clothes to the cleaners. I pay for them and some of my clothes come back with a tag on them that says:

We’ve tried and tried and tried again but we find that the STAINS cannot be removed without possible damage to the color or fabric. This garment received special attention.

I thought the whole point in taking my clothes to the cleaners was to have them cleaned. Especially the clothes with stains on them. Unless the stains are in an area where they can’t be seen giving me back my stained clothes is pointless unless I need a few extra rags.  And it’s not like anyone’s offering to give me my money back.

I didn’t really think I needed to give the cleaner permission to take all means necessary to get rid of my stains. I understand the cleaner doesn’t want me to sue him for ruining my clothes, but it’s not like I can wear them if they’re stained.

I’m trying to explain to the cleaner that it’s okay to take a chance the fabric might be ruined. I feel like I’m in a Doctor’s office and I have to decide whether I want the operation. If I don’t do the operation I will die very soon, but if I do the operation I may die sooner, but there’s a chance the operation may be a success and I’ll be fine.

I’m telling the cleaner it’s okay to operate, the stains have already ruined the clothes. Who knew my clothes needed a living will. But now they have one.

“If my stains are in area that can be seen please don’t let me continue to live in this stained state. I would rather run the risk of being destroyed than live the rest of my life as a rag.”-The shirt, the pants, and the tie.

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