Whether you’re for or against the war in Iraq, there was no reason why the Government had to increase the deficit to pay for it. In fact, had the War in Iraq been done in the following way, the Government could have made money on the war and actually lowered the deficit.  Which in turn would have allowed it to better fund the brave soldiers and their families. The war in Iraq could easily have been paid for by corporate sponsors. The President when giving Saddam Hussein forty-eight hours or else, also gave the networks forty-eight hours to sell commercial time for a war set to start at prime time. Bound to be a bigger hit than Roots, Shogun, The Thorn-Birds, Gettysburg, American Idol, and Survivor. A rare combination of the old mini-series and the new reality shows.  The Government merely had to make a deal with the networks and get a percentage of all the commercial money. After all, the Government was producing the show, paying the actors, and writing the script.  The Government could have sold advertising to sponsors for every aspect of the war. Good-Year would have gladly paid to have its Blimp fly over Iraq. Met-Life too. The name of the war could have changed daily from the Tostitos Operation Free Iraq to the Blockbuster War in Iraq.  The Microsoft Tomahawks and Viagra Cruise Missiles could have kicked off the war, and the first night of bombing could have been brought to us by Federal Express.  Special SUV Lexus Tanks and Ford Jeeps with Michelin tires could have been shown driving in Iraq on gas brought to us by Exxon. As the war was being fought computer images of various sponsors like Office Depot, Home Depot, Walmart, etc… could have appeared on the top and bottom of the television screen. The Continental airlines 101st airborne could have been followed by Nike’s 1st infantry division, accompanied by McDonald’s Marines. The Budweiser Road to Baghdad could have culminated with members of Wendy’s thirty-third brigade wearing special Adidas shoes as they rode the Clydesdales into Baghdad. For all those who fought in the war, “This Bud’s for you. This war is being brought to you by Budweiser.  Budweiser.  The official sponsor of the War on Terrorism.”


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