Ding Ning, my favorite Ping Pong Player, and the number one player in the world lost the gold medal game to her fellow Chinese countrywoman, Li Xiaoxia.  Ding was improperly penalized by the officiator three times, which resulted  in Li getting three undeserved points.  Ding who had been so good up to that point that there was some talk in China about renaming the game of Ping Pong to Ding Pong was unable to regain her composure, after receiving a penalty for using a towel to wipe her face at the wrong time. Ding, only 22 years old will hopefully return in four years and get her gold in Rio.  I sure hope so, because I am taking this very hard and plan to purchase Ding Ning t-shirts and bobbleheads to help me get thru this.

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