I didn’t think a bumper sticker or T-shirt saying: Don’t Let Breast Cancer Take Man’s Best Friends, would  be offensive to women. Snoopy, Pluto, Marmaduke, and that perverted dog from Family Man I could see taking issue with it. They might send out word to attack me on sight at their next Man’s Best Friend meeting.  And I suppose I could see the humane society and Peta agreeing with the dogs.  But women, no.  It’s men who are fools over breasts. Real ones, fake ones, in-between ones. It’s men who spend money going to places called, “Titty Bars.” Men are the reason there are fake breasts. And I’ve never heard of anyone getting fake testicles.


When I came up with what I thought was my original idea for the t-shirt: Don’t Let Cancer Steal Second Base, (SEE PREVIOUS POST) I never thought it would be offensive to women. But after searching the idea on the internet I discovered that there already were t-shirts that said: Save Second Base, and Don’t Let Cancer Steal Second Base. Now, my shirt was more tasteful, and I tied it into a promotion with MLB, but I read where some women were offended.


I think everyone should be happy that there is a cause that both men and women feel equally strong about. After all, women don’t feel as strongly about testicular cancer as men do.  There are no “Testicle Bars,” where women pay to see a man’s balls.  In fact, most men probably feel more strongly about saving Man’s Best Friends than they do about their own testicles.  They’d rather save second base than one of their balls.


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