I have an idea for an airline that would basically be a flying whorehouse. I would call it Erotica Airines. The official plane for the Mile High Club. The plane would be shaped like a penis except it would have wings. The head of the Penis would house the cockpit and first class. The spout would be where the windows of the cockpit are. The wheels would come out of two testicles. The Stewardesses and Stewards would be prostitutes. The stewards topless in g-strings.  The stewardesses topless in g-strings. People could get Frequent-Fucker Miles. It would be the only airline that still allows smoking. The menu would  serve a Cuntinental Breakfast. Muffins, mellons, biscuits, and sausage. The commercial would have a song sung to the tune of the American Airlines song: We’re Erotica Airlines, something phallic in the air. And then a voice over would say: Erotica Airline’s flight 69 is now boarding out of Intercourse C.

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