What if a person is in jail and cannot bond out, and then the case is dismissed because the person is innocent? Or what if someone spends fifteen years in prison, and then DNA exonerates the person?  The unfortunate people who this sometimes happens to have all this credit for time served, but no crime to serve it for.  So shouldn’t they get credit toward any future crimes they may commit?

Like if someone does a year in jail because they couldn’t afford to bond out, and the case is dropped, or they are found not guilty, shouldn’t they be allowed to commit a first degree misdemeanor, and not have to serve any time for it? Or two second degree misdemeanors?  Or even a few felonies if the time is there.   This would be called credit for future crimes committed.    So the jail or prison time won’t go to waste. A true get out of jail free card. Because jail time is a terrible thing to waste.

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