In case anyone was wondering Sperm Donors do not have any visitation rights with their spawn. (SEE Lamaritata v. Lucas, 823 So.2d 316(Fla. 2nd DCA 2002). But imagine they did. How do you think the introduction would work between the Sperm Donor and the Sperm, or the Sperm Donor and the Sperm Donee, or Spermor and Spermee. “Hi, I’m your Sperm Donor, and you must be my Sperm all grown up.” And what should I call you?” Asks the Sperm. “Just call me “Donor Dad” or “Sperm Provider” or “Donor” for short. Wanna go get some ice cream?” And what about Parent-Teacher night or maybe they could have a separate night for Sperm Donors. Sperm Donor-Teacher night. And bring your Sperm Donor to school day. And for the Sperm Donor, bring your Spawn to work day. Maybe in addition to Father’s Day, there should be Sperm Donor’s Day.  Happy Sperm Donor’s Day.

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