A man was charged with not paying his cab fare, as well as possession of cannabis because he tried to pay the cab fare with a bag of weed.  And the funniest part is he isn’t the first guy who tried to pay his cab fare in weed.  He’s at least the third. So not only do these guys want to make Cannabis legal, but they also want to make it legal tender.

All three of these guys  must have thought that the Ghost of Harry Chapin was their cabdriver. Harry would have taken the weed. Because as he sang, ” I’m flying in my taxi, Taking tips, and getting stoned, I go flying so high, when I’m stoned,” -Lyrics from Harry Chapin’s song, Taxi. 100-dollar-bill

Man pays cab with marijuana

PHILADELPHIA (KYW/CNN) – A man in Pennsylvania is accused of trying to pay his cab fare with a different kind of green.

When you hail a cab, you know the drill.

Once you get to your destination you pay your fare, but what do you do when you don’t have the means to pay?

“It was strange. It really struck me as being odd,” said Capt. Brian Korn.

Korn says in his 33 years on the force what happened Friday night was a first for him.

“He just tries to slip him, out of the view of the officers, a bag of marijuana to pay for the fare,” Korn said.

According to police, Michael Medvec, 23, now charged with trying to cover his cab fare that came out to about $8 – with a bag of marijuana.

Police say officers tried to ticket a cabbie for being double parked.

“One of the cab drivers alerts them that there’s a guy in a cab who won’t pay his fare. He says let me get some money for you and the cab driver says ‘well leave me some collateral.’ So he left his phone. He let him go in, he returns a short time later and he still doesn’t have any money,” Korn said.

But police say Medvec’s plan earned him this additional charge of possession on top of not paying for his fare.

And police say the nightmare for the cabbie.

“Poor cabbie, he’s still out the $8 fare, now he’s going to have to take time off of work to go to court because he’s going to get subpoenaed as a witness. So here’s a guy, he’s got a tough enough job as it is and now he’s out the fare and he’s going to lose a day’s work or two, going to court,” Korn said.

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Massillon Man Tries to Pay Cab Fare with Marijuana

Ohio Man Offers Pot to Pay Taxi Fare, But that’s Only Half the Story

Information provided by the Bath Township Police. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

BATH TOWNSHIP, OH — On June 27, a local man took a taxi to a local Holiday Inn, according to a police report.

Jacob Bruckner, 38, of Massillon, racked up a $24 cab fare on his way to the Holiday Inn on Medina Road. When the driver asked Bruckner to pay, the man asked him to wait in the parking lot, the report said.

Bruckner went into the hotel and came back out with $15 and a little bag of marijuana and offered it to the driver, the report said. The driver called police.

When officers arrived, Bruckner admitted offering the driver weed to pay is fare. When asked about the $9 he still owed the driver, Bruckner forked over $5 and said that was all he had, according to the report.

Officers told the driver to call his management about prosecution.

Officers charged Bruckner with drug abuse.

Chilled-out dude tries to pay taxi fare with pot


Police in Germany have nabbed a guy who allegedly tried to pay his taxi fare with pot. The genius passenger apparently left home without cash but thought his offer of some totally chill fun times would be just as good. Sadly for him, the driver rejected his offer and killed his buzz by calling the cops, who accompanied the guy to his apartment where they discovered 31 cannabis plants. He reportedly said they were for his “personal consumption” because he didn’t want to rely on dealers. No word on whether he offered the cops any of his stash in exchange for being left alone.

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