A poll conducted by people who conduct polls discovered that most people aren’t against gay marriages they’re just against people who have hyphenated last names.  The problem the people polled have with letting gay people marry is there’s no way to determine whose last name is going to be used.  And they just don’t want to deal with an onslaught of Hyphenated-Homosexuals entering the population.

“The problem with Hyphenated last names is they take longer to say, causing roll calls to last longer, it’s more to remember, more to type, applications where people have to spell out their last names will have to be longer, and if the people play sports it will cost more to put their last name on Jerseys, and on and on it goes… “ said Mr. West, a former Hyphenated-Hetrosexual who went by the name of Mr. West-Thompson, and is an expert in the use of Hyphenations.

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