HIPPA has become an excuse for anyone in the medical profession not to speak to anyone about anything. It’s gotten to the point where your own Doctor’s office won’t tell you if you’re a patient. Forget about trying to learn your diagnosis.   As an attorney if you call to find out about non-medical information for a client i.e. dispute a bill, lack of coverage obviously meaning that you have all this information they won’t talk to you without permission from patients who sometimes if they had the capacity to give that permission, wouldn’t need an attorney in the first place.  As soon as you say “hello” they say: HIPPA. Can’t talk to you. HIPPA. HIPPA. Not even the attorney-client privilege is as good as shield as HIPPA. I wish when someone called who I didn’t want to speak to my employees and I could always just say attorney-client privilege we can’t speak to anyone, not even our client. The Legal field needs a HIPPA.

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