While I certainly believe that everyone should vote in all elections, I refuse to wear an “I voted” sticker. The state must buy millions of these stickers. How much does this cost. Certainly this money could be used in more beneficial ways considering all the problems Florida has had in recent elections. But if the government is going to waste the money anyway then why not give people a choice of stickers to wear.

For the people who finally figured out how to vote they can be given one that says, “I voted right this time.” For the people who had no idea who to vote for, “I flipped a coin before I voted.” For the people who actually admit to doing this, “I voted for the person whose name came first.”

For the people who wanted to, but couldn’t find the time, “I was too lazy to vote.” For the people who didn’t remember, “I forgot to vote.” For the people who wanted to but missed out, “I showed up too late to vote.” Or,  “I almost voted.” Or,  “I meant to vote.” For the people who think they are insignificant, but voted anyway, “My vote doesn’t count.” And finally, for the people who the government won’t let vote, “I’m not allowed to vote.”

Actually, maybe this sticker thing isn’t such a bad idea. Why not wear stickers for other things that not everyone does, but should. Like, “I ate Breakfast.” “I got seven hours of sleep.” “I ate my vegetables today.”

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