A female love bug who dies of natural causes lives for about 68 hours and spends about 56 straight hours having sex. The male love bug who dies of natural causes lives less hours than the female love bug and dies right after having those 56 consecutive hours of sex. I guess we know which love bug is doing all the work. Of course, the female love bug probably needs her extra hours to lay her 350 eggs.

The male love bugs are born and then search for a female love bug. Eight male love bugs compete for every one female love bug.

Since all I think about is the sex I want and never get, it would be best if reincarnation did exist and I could come back as a love bug and die after having 56 hours of consecutive sex AKA the 56-hour orgasm.

Of course with my luck, I would experience death by windshield (an unnatural cause of death, though seemingly quite natural for many Love Bugs) before I found a female who wanted to mate with me.  Or right after finding one I would be hit by a car.


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