Perhaps the reason so many people violate Community-Control, or what is popularly known as “House-Arrest” by leaving their approved residence without permission is they don’t actually like where they live. And maybe that is why House-Arrest should be renamed to fit where the person on House-Arrest is actually living or would like to live.  Like, Half-way House-Arrest; Townhouse-Arrest; “It’s just a room in my parent’s House-Arrest”; “I rent out the garage in someone else’s House-Arrest”; “It’s barely a House-Arrest”; “It’s more like a Tree-House Arrest”; Mobile-Home-Arrest; Trailer-Home-Arrest; Apartment in the bad part of town-Arrest; Condominium not on the beach-Arrest; “I wish it was MTV Crib-Arrest”; “If only it was the Playboy Mansion-Arrest”; “I’d even settle for Little House On The Prairie-Arrest”; Or “This Old-House-Arrest.”

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