Obviously the word “Klutz” should be taken out of the dictionary. Because there is no one who slips and falls, trips or bangs into anything on their own. It’s never their fault. There is no “Klutz Defense” that can be pled as an affirmative defense to the numerous lawsuits for slips, falls, and  trips, that are filed every hour. If there was then some of these lawsuits below would not have been filed.

Trucker sues Sysco after tripping over pallet.Trip-Fall-Yellow-Sign
John Sadler and Shirley Sadler, of New Jersey, are filing suit against Hallsmith Sysco Food Services, et al., alleging he tripped over a pallet while at work for Myles Transportation.

S&W Sports Cars sued after accountant falls on his way to work.
Charlotte Chapman, of Georgia, is filing suit against S and W Sports Cars, alleging her husband Charles slipped and fell in the entrance to the Ferrari dealership, where he was doing bookkeeping as a contractor.

Wal-Mart sued by shopper who slipped and fell.
Esther Sossa and Luis Utra, of Florida, are filing suit against Wal-Mart, alleging Esther slipped and fell on a wet, foreign substance.
TravelCenters of America sued by man who slipped and fell on wet floor.
John Downs and Commerce & Industry are filing suit against TravelCenters of America, of Delaware, alleging he slipped and fell on a wet floor in the store.

Wal-Mart sued by shopper who slipped in puddle.
Tara Boyette, a minor, through Tammy Boyette, a resident of South Carolina, is filing suit against Wal-Mart Stores, et al., alleging plaintiff slipped and fell in a puddle of water in a main aisle of the store.

El Expreso Cash & Carry sued by customer who tripper over beer case.
Angelina Rodriguez-Montijo is filing suit against El Expreso Cash & Carry Insurance Company, alleging plaintiff tripped over an empty wooden beer case, falling and injuring her back and hip.

Greyhound sued by elderly passenger who broke hip while attempting to exit bus.
Margaret Desimone, a resident of Pennsylvania, is filing suit against Greyhound Lines, alleging plaintiff fell and broke her hip while attempting to exit defendant’s bus at the New York Port Authority Terminal. The suit alleges plaintiff uses a quad walker and there was not a stair placed between the bus and curb.

National Car Rental sued by customer who fell on defective airport escalator.
James and Norma Phillips, residents of Oklahoma, are filing suit against Vanguard Car Rental USA, alleging plaintiffs fell on a defective and jerky escalator at defendant’s National car rental location in the Los Angeles International Airport.

Comair sued by passenger who slipped on rug placed over ice.
Gary Johnke, a resident of New York, is filing suit against Comair, alleging plaintiff slipped and fell on a floor mat placed on top of ice by Comair employees.

Target sued by customer who slipped and fell while shopping.
Devora Harding, a resident of New York, is filing suit against Target Corporation, alleging plaintiff slipped and fell due to a hazardous condition in defendant’s store.

The Sea Grille sued by customer who tripped on brick walkway.
Lisa Lockard is filing suit against Z21 Corporation, ta, The Sea Grille Restaurant, alleging Lockard tripped and fell due to uneven and raised bricks on the walkway maintained by defendant.

Food Lion sued by shopper who slipped on greasy floor.
Ann Parkinson is filing suit against North Carolina corporation Delhaize America, fka, Food Lion, alleging plaintiff slipped and fell due to grease on the floor of defendant’s store.

TJ Maxx sued by woman whose toes were broken when hit by restroom door.
Katherine Shields, of Michigan, is filing suit against The TJX Companies, alleging a TJ Maxx employee slammed a restroom door into her foot, breaking two toes.

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