I was thinking about opening a Bail Bond Agency. I want to name it “James Bondsman.” All the bondsman would wear Tuxedos when they went to the jail. The first thing they would say upon meeting someone is, “I’m a Bondsman. James Bondsman.” Commercials would show the bondsman in their tuxedos jumping out of helicopters and planes that are flying over various jails, freeing the inmates. And then you’d hear the voice over: You want to get out of jail quick. Call Bondsman. James Bondsman. 1-800-007-Bond. (If there are any copyright lawyers reading this please let me know what legal problems I would have with this idea, and if changing my name to James Bondsman would help.)

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2 thoughts on “JAMES BONDSMAN

  1. DianeFord says:

    I want to be a bounty hunter for James Bondsman :)

  2. You’re hired.

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