juliet_posterIf Senior High School Student/ Basketball Player/Cheerleader, Kaitlyn Hunt (age 18) is convicted of Lewd and Lascivious behavior with her teammate, a Freshman High School female basketball player/ (age 14), then at least there is a law in effect to keep her form being a registered a sex-offender. It is called the Romeo and Juliet Law. But in this case it should be called the Juliet & Juliet Law.  Ms. Hunt denies violating the three-second rule and committing any fouls. The State Attorney’s Office says Ms. Hunt is guilty of a Full Court Press and has fouled out.

If you’re going to make it illegal for a Senior in High School to have sex with a Freshman in High School then the law should not allow anyone under 16 or over 17 to be a High School Student. Seniors and Freshmen have been having sex since the first High School was built.  And anyone who prosecutes a Senior for having sex with a Freshman is a damn hypocrite. Especially politicians, legislators, and police officers whose children commit the same acts as the people their parents arrest, prosecute, and write laws against.

Florida Statute, 943.04354 otherwise known as the Romeo And Juliet Law allows certain sex offenders to not have to register themselves as sex offenders. One of the main requirements of the statute is that the sex was consensual and that the two people not be more than 4 years apart in age. Also, the alleged victim must have been at least 14 years of age and no older than 17 when the consensual sex took place.


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