A potential buyer of a used car brought a lawsuit against a used car dealership for false advertising.   An advertisement announced the sale of 2005 Ferraris for $750.00.  2004 Porsches for $699.00, and 2005 Rolls Royces for $1, 500.00. The advertisement guaranteed that at least one of the above mentioned used cars would be on the lot for thirty days.

When the potential buyer arrived at the dealership well within the thirty day period all he saw were very old, used, and beat up looking Volkswagens, Chevrolets and Ford Taurus’s that were painted in autostereograms.  The man complained to the salesperson that he didn’t see any Ferraris, Porsches or Rolls Royces.  The sales person told him that all the models he was interested in were on the lot and that if he stared at a Volkswagen long enough he’d see a Porsche.  And if he kept looking at the Chevrolet he’d see a Rolls Royce. And the Ford Taurus was a Ferrari if he just kept looking.

A Patton is pending for the Magic Eye Paint that was used to turn the above-mentioned Junkers into sports cars.

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