A man afraid of Frogs was awarded 1.6 million dollars when the city’s land developers turned his property into a den of frogs. Work on a nearby subdivision caused flooding into the man’s property resulting in a recreation of the second plague.  The man who was traumatized by frogs as a boy was afraid to leave his house or return to it.  If the man had not previously had such a bad experience with frogs  the damages might not have been so great. But the Eggshell Skull Doctrine dictates otherwise.  Perhaps the old Eggshell Skull Doctrine should be renamed the Frog-Phobia Formula. Or maybe when anyone other than God hurls one of the ten plagues at a person the hurler should be strictly liable and ordered to pay for the Plague.  Restatement of Torts 5: Anyone who causes either by negligence or on purpose another person to suffer one of the Ten Plagues shall be strictly liable for any and all damages to the other person.



Man too terrified of frogs to leave his house wins $1.6M lawsuit


As a boy living in Italy, Paul Marinaccio was chased by a man holding bullfrogs. Decades later and following a move to the U.S., frogs still leave him “petrified.” So it must have been pretty horrifying when his 40 acres of land in Clarence, N.Y., started to fill up with croaking critters in the early 2000s, often trapping him in his house because he was too scared to walk by them. The frogs came along when Marinaccio’s property was flooded with water runoff from a nearby subdivision site. Seven years ago he sued the Town of Clarence and the developer, and has now been awarded a combined $1.6 million in damages. [Source]

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