McCondoms; McDonalds sued by parent whose two year-old ate a used condom found in a McDonald’s Playhouse in Chicago

Lifestyles-44576Ultra-Lubricated-Condom_2010017055476Though one might expect to find a used condom in Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse no one thought one would be found in a McDonald’s Playhouse. But a Chicago mother whose child allegedly found and then ate a used condom in a Chicago McDonald’s playhouse has filed a lawsuit against McDonalds. The suit is for McDonald’s negligence in not making the Playhouse area safe from used condoms that children might find and then eat. A spokesperson for McDonalds says their play areas are very safe and they are glad that whoever had sex in the playhouse practiced safe sex. McDonalds now has its own brand of condoms called McCondoms that taste like French Fries. McCondoms are easier to open than McDonald’s ketchup packages, which may have been a contributing factor in this case.

Suit: Young Child Found, Ate Used Condom At McDonald’s Play Area

Anishi Spencer, McDonald’s Lawsuit Claims Child Ate Used Condom Found In Play Area

“Providing a safe, clean environment is a top priority for us. This restaurant is no exception. We take these matters seriously and investigate all claims to gather the facts. At the time the lawsuit was filed, we had not completed our investigation and at no time have we given the alleged object in question to examine. These are just allegations and we strongly caution anyone from jumping to conclusions without having the facts. Because this is now a pending legal matter, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate.”


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