thisisnotburgerkingyoucanthaveityourwayAnd once again a crime has been committed at a Fast Food Restaurant. They seem to be havens for people who want to commit crimes. A man who was not happy with the way his sandwich was made at a McDonald’s threw the sandwich at the restaurant’s pregnant manager. He was arrested for Breach of the Peace. Apparently, he was under the mistaken belief that he was in a Burger King, where you can, “Have it your way, have it your way, have it your way…,” and if you’re not happy with your order you can legally throw the burger at any Burger King employee.  But in McDonald’s it’s a breach of the peace and maybe even a battery on a pregnant woman if the man knew she was pregnant. If not, then just a battery. The man also had a gun on him, but fortunately he wasn’t unhappy enough to use it. Gun use by unsatisfied customers is only allowed at Roy Rogers.

Angry over McDonald’s order, gun-toting man charged with hurling food at manager

 Updated 1:13 pm, Wednesday, March 27, 2013
  • Geoffrey Weglarz of Fairfield Woods Road was charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday after police said he threw food at the pregnant manager of McDonald’s on Black Rock Turnpike in a fit of rage over his order. Police also seized a loaded handgun from Welgarz. Photo: Fairfield Police Department


 A Fairfield Woods Road man carrying a loaded Glock pistol was arrested Tuesday night after he flew into a rage because of dissatisfaction with his order at a local McDonald’s, police said.

Geoffrey Weglarz, 55, had a valid pistol permit for the handgun he was carrying in his waistband, police said, but the weapon was seized and turned over to the state’s Firearms Review Board. He was charged with breach of peace.

Weglarz became “enraged” about 10 p.m. Tuesday because the sandwich he ordered at the drive-through window at McDonald’s, 1835 Black Rock Turnpike, was not made to his liking, police said.

After placing and receiving his order, Weglarz drove away, but returned a short time later. He began banging on the restaurant’s front door, which had been locked, and was told he could not come in. Weglarz then walked to the drive-through window and screamed and swore at the pregnant restaurant manager and threw his bag of food at her, hitting her in the chest, according to the report.

He continued to yell and bang on the restaurant windows, police said, and employees called police.

Weglarz then fled in his white BMW, but the McDonald’s employees recorded the car’s license plate number, which police used to down Weglarz at his home. Police said Weglarz “was immediately belligerent” to the officers and was taken into custody. In his waistband, police said, was the loaded Glock pistol.

After he was booked at Police Department headquarters, officers returned to Weglarz’s home where they seized additional weapons and ammunition. He was released on a promise to appear April 9 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

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