Florida Statute 817.565(1)a states that it is unlawful to defraud any LAWFULLY administered urine test. I guess what I am wondering is why do they need to include the word LAWFULLY. Are there really people going around administering UNLAWFUL urine tests? And if so, why are people submitting to them? I suppose a person wrongfully arrested for DUI could be asked to submit to a urine test. Or an officer without probable cause could ask a person to submit to a urine test. These are two scenarios where the urine test could be considered unlawful. But it is highly doubtful that in either scenario a person would be in a position to defraud the urine test. Most people do not drive around with fake urine. And I doubt anyone could convince someone at the police department to…THE REST OF THIS HAS BEEN CENSORED, if you want to read on please go to

…give you some urine. It’s not like there’s a vending machine at the police station where you can purchase some Mellow Yellow. No police officer is gonna lend out their urine. There’s no time to borrow some urine from a fellow arrestee or inmate. There’s just no way to fake out the urine test in this situation. You’re just gonna have to drain the main vain. So again, I am not sure why it is called a LAWFULLY administered urine test, and I really want to know who is going around administering UNLAWFUL urine tests.

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