Like most people who have e-mail, from time to time someone or something hacks our e-mail and sends a message out to everyone. And I mean everyone.  Even people who I e-mailed once, people’s e-mail that I thought I deleted, ex-girlfriends I forgot I even had, and even a few people who have restraining orders against me. Usually the message is about Viagra or some other product someone is peddling. And by now most people understand this hacking happens to everyone and they send messages to the person hacked politely telling them that they were hacked.  I received a few of those. But I also started receiving nasty e-mails. “Fuck you.” “You’re an asshole,” and similar ones in that vain.  I couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t mean it. Give me a break. And then I learned that my hacker knew everything about the people I had e-mail addresses for.  The hacker sent Weight Watchers, and diet pill adds to all the people overweight. Hair Club For Men, Rogaine, and pills for hair loss to all the people losing their hair. Acne medicine to all the people with bad skin. And you see where I am going here. It knew the faults of all the people I had e-mail addresses for, and sent the corresponding advertisements to fix those faults.  I wonder if this hacking people’s e-mails is a service someone sells for advertisers to utilize. “We will hack e-mails and send out your add for $500.00 a month.” Not a bad idea.MV5BODg0NjQ5ODQ3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjU4MjkzNA@@._V1._SY317_

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