This weekend Brevard County Sheriff’s busted a ring of people selling drugs at a West Melbourne Hotel calling it: Operation Early Check-Out.; And everyone knows: Operation Dessert Storm. Operation Red Dawn. (Capture of Saddam Hussein) Operation Geronimo. (Capture of  Osama Bin Laden) So my question is who comes up with these names. Is there a task force that just works on naming operations? Are writer’s hired? Advertisement agencies? How much time is given to create the name? How long does it usually take to name a particular operation?  Is the operation held up until it is named? Do they have to name the operation before they can storm the castle?

“Hey, we’re running out of time, here. If we don’t move on this soon we won’t be able to catch these guys. They’ll be gone.”

“Look, no one moves on this until we have a name for this operation. No name, no go. It’ll have to be called off.”

“Well, then name it already, goddammit.”

“We have some names, but none of them are good enough.”

“It doesn’t matter at this point. Let’s use what we got.”

“No, the chief says it has to be a good name or we’re pulling the operation.”

“Then get a good name. My guys are getting antsy. We need to move real soon. In fact, we should have moved hours ago.”

“Okay, we’re working on it, we’re working on it.” checkout

I wonder how much a person gets paid to name an operation? And how can I apply for the job?

I have to admit, Operation Early Check-out, is the perfect name. I wonder if there were any runner-ups. Like a nod to the Eagles, “Operation you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.” ( Too long) “Operation Maid Service.” “Operation Wake-up Call.” “Operation Room Service.” “Operation Do Not Disturb.” “Operation Laundry Service.” “Operation Clean-Up.”


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