I don’t understand curling.  It seems like some form of shuffleboard.  And shuffleboard would be more fun to watch. It would be nice to get some senior citizens in the Olympics. Shuffleboard on ice.  Also, I was thinking bowling on ice would be pretty cool.

For the Summer Olympics, I’m thinking Dodge ball (or what we in NJ call Bombardment) would be fun to watch.  And I’m sure, all kidding aside, now that snowboarding is an Olympic event it makes sense that skateboarding should be a Summer Olympic event.  But now that I think about it since the word “skate” is in skateboarding, maybe skateboarding on ice should be a Winter Olympic event. I think Figure skateboarding and Couples Figure skateboarding might add some spice to the Olympics.

The first ever Legal Olympics for lawyers only is finally set to start on April 22 2012.  Abraham Lincoln came up with the idea to have the Legal Olympics in 1858. But this is the first time anyone could agree on the rules.


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