For years now morning people have run the world. Night people AKA people who are not morning people are discriminated against.  As it turns out some people are just born with different sleep cycles. Whereas most people are morning people there are those who only truly wake up at night the same as morning people wake up in the morning. And I’m not talking about Vampires. I’m talking about actual human beings.  Now  a night person can try to become a morning person by changing their sleeping habits.  But as soon as they spend one night back as a night person they have to train themselves all over again to be a morning person. It’s a constant battle. For night people day is night and night is day.  But no one cares. Because Morning People rule the world. So what if Night People can’t keep a job because they’re tired all day or are not at their peak performance because of sheer exhaustion. Night People do their best work at night, their best thinking, their best everything. If they could have taken standardized tests at night, some of them might have even gotten into Harvard. If Night Court existed they could represent their clients better than they do during the day.  Finally there is help for Night People. For those Night People who just can’t hang in the Rat Race anymore because of those Damn Morning People, there is finally an answer. SSI. Now Night People can finally get paid to sleep all day.

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