Due to the increasing difficulty in finding parking spots at the numerous courthouses throughout Florida and other states, which is due to the increasing number of lawyers and poor layouts of courthouse parking lots, Law schools have decided to offer a new mandatory course on parking law and etiquette.  For instance if two vehicles, one coming from the north end of the parking lane, and one coming from the south end of the parking lane, both simultaneously appear to wait for a spot while the person in the parked vehicle pulls out, who is entitled to the spot? The vehicle that is closest to the spot is the answer. Or rather the vehicle that is on the same side as the parking spot. Now, if one vehicle gets their first then the closeness and side do not matter.  First come, first serve then applies. Other areas of concern: Is it okay to harass, stalk, and follow people who appear to be going to their vehicle to leave.  Is it okay to ask them if they are leaving?  Should the person let the stalker, follower, harasser know even before being asked that they are leaving or staying?  How long should a person sit in their car before leaving, or before telling someone they are not leaving? And should it be an affirmative defense to take out the air in another vehicle’s tires if someone wrongfully takes a spot you were at first?  All these issues and more will be discussed in these Parking Law classes, and for lawyers who have already graduated, CLE for the Course:  Ethics of Parking, will be made available soon for 2 ethics credits.

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