So I was at Mimis café. And over in the next section I saw about ten old ladies wearing red hats.  Apparently, they are part of the Red Hat Society ( They seemed so nice and friendly.  At least that’s what I thought until about ten old women in blue hats entered the Café. And then all hell broke loose. A turf war that made the Crips and the Bloods look like, well, a bunch of old ladies began.  The Red Hat Ladies told the Blue Hat Ladies to take off their hats because they were on Red Hat turf. But the Blue Hat Society Ladies said that Mimis was their turf.  The next thing you know curses were shouted back and forth that would have made a Sailor blush. Hats were flying everywhere, as well as Chairs, Walkers, and Canes.  Some of the women were skilled in the art of using their hats as weapons that they tossed like Frisbees at their rivals. The police finally showed up and after several arrests were made they were able to stop the brawl.  Mimis didn’t want to lose any money or perhaps feared repercussions because they refused to trespass anyone from the Café, and instead made Tuesdays a Red-Hat Society Day and Thursdays a Blue Hat Society Day.  Hopefully, this will put an end to the Hat-Wars.

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