Hair Club for Men (HCM) is no different than Family Auto Mart or any other place you buy a car from.  Except instead of a car payment you have a hair payment. Basically you pay monthly for someone else’s real hair to be specially glued and taped to your head.  In a sense your leasing hair from HCM on a monthly basis or weekly basis if you really want to spend a lot on your really fake hair.  But the bottom line is just like car payments and even mortgage payments (and believe me depending upon what level you are in HCM–Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Presidential) the price of leasing hair can be like having a mortgage on your head. But if you don’t pay then the Repo “Hair Club” Men come to repossess your hair.  And unlike your car, you can’t hide your hair.  And unlike your house, they don’t foreclose on your hair giving you years to continue wearing it.  No, they can chase you down, and legally rip the hair right off of your head. I’ve heard stories of people having the hair ripped off of their head while they were in the middle of intercourse. And that definitely ruins the moment, and probably scars the woman for life.  Especially if she had no idea the man was wearing a very expensive glorified toupee that is changed out once a week, once a month, or every three or four months depending upon how good the man’s plan is.  Not all Hair Club Members are treated equally.  Unless you don’t pay.


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