1997_F-150_truckA man who test drove a truck for over three hours was arrested for Grand Theft. He told police he was out for a Test Drive and he also wanted to use the truck to do some work while out on the Test Drive, and then he planned on returning it.  He gave his driver’s license to the used car salesman, but the phone number he gave was not a good number, and the address he gave led to a vacant house. Apparently, the used car salesman is unfamiliar with the Volkswagen commercial, and decided not to accompany the man on his test drive.  Of course if the salesman had accompanied the man on the Test Drive, the man probably would have also been arrested for kidnapping.

The Supreme Court recommends swabbing all people who go on Test Drives for DNA.

On another note, the man called his wife to get the tools and lumber that he was using to do the work during the Test Drive, out of his truck before the Police took the truck. His ex-wife did this, but because she has an injunction for domestic violence out against the man, the man was also arrested for violating the injunction by contacting his ex-wife.

The domestic violence injunction arose out of an incident where the man came home very early from work one day and saw a truck in his driveway that was not his. “That Ain’t My Truck.”


Florida Man Arrested After Extra-Long Test Drive « CBS Tampa

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