So I have a head cold, a headache, I’m coughing up a lung, my throat is killing me (only on my left side), and my left ear hurts (no doubt related to the left-sided sore throat). So I go to buy Advil Sinus and Cold medicine to relieve my ailments, and I have to show an I.D., sign a logbook and give my address to the Pharmacist, because apparently there is an ingredient (pseudoephedrine) in it and other cold medicine that can be used to start a Meth lab. And you are only allowed to buy a certain amount of this cold medicine per day, and per month.

I only got a C+ in High School chemistry, and can barely hammer a nail into a piece of wood without hurting myself. But somehow I’m gonna use cold medicine to start a fucking Meth Lab.

What I’d like to do is literally throw-up on all the members of Congress who voted for this bill every time I get sick and need cold medicine.

Just for shits I’m gonna go Pharmacy-shopping(go to as many different pharmacies as possible) for Advil Allergy Sinus Caplets, TheraFlu Daytime Severe Cold SoftGels, Tylenol Flu NightTime Gelcaps, and Children’s Vicks NyQuil Cold/Cough Relief.

I’m gonna buy so much of that shit that drones will be flying over my house and the DEA, ATF, FBI, Sheriff’s office, and any other members of Law Enforcement will be busting down my door to execute search warrants hoping to find a Meth Lab in my garage.  But all they’re going to see is four black boards with all kinds of numbers and equations on them, and dozens of math books, and math worksheets.  And when they ask me what I’m doing, I’m gonna say, “welcome to my Math Lab, fuckers!!!”

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