You would think that the one place you definitely wouldn’t have to post, “No Trespassing signs” is at a County Jail. But apparently this is not the case as evidenced by a man in the Rockingham County jail in North Carolina who upon being released from jail refused to leave the jail and got to stay when he was arrested for trespassing for not leaving. And in Hamilton, Ohio a woman was arrested for trespassing for trying to break into the Butler County Jail.

“So, were you found not guilty?”  “No, but I did stay at a County Jail Express.”


Man refuses to leave jail; cited for trespassing and sent back to prison

By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow – Wed, Jul 25, 2012


Rodney Dwayne Valentine (Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office)Rodney Dwayne Valentine had just been granted his freedom from the Rockingham County jail in northern North Carolina on Saturday morning. But when Valentine refused to leave the prison, police arrested him for trespassing and sent him back to his cell. The News & Record of Greensboro reports that Valentine, 37, reportedly refused to leave the jail site, after authorities declined his request for a ride to a local motel. He had been in prison since May 22 on a charge of damage to personal property. Officers reportedly suggested that Valentine simply take a cab to the hotel, but he allegedly refused. When he still hadn’t left the premises that afternoon, Deputies charged Valentine with second-degree trespassing. And now, Valentine is being held on a $500 bond while he awaits a scheduled court appearance on August 9.


Ohio woman asking to be arrested tries to break into jail, gets wish Tiffany R. Hurd

 (CBS/AP) HAMILTON, Ohio – Normally people are arrested and taken to jail, but in this bizarre case a woman was arrested trying to get back into jail. Police in southwest Ohio are perplexed about why a woman, Tiffany R. Hurd, tried to sneak into a county jail before telling authorities to arrest her. “Prisoner arrested trying 2 get back n 2 jail. After release. She got her wish. Not the norm. Got it backwards,” Sheriff Richard K. Jones of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office tweeted. Deputies with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office arrested the 36-year-old when she was caught trying to climb over a fence into Butler County Jail in Hamilton, near Cincinnati. The Sunday morning arrest came after jail staff told Hurd to leave the property, but she yelled “I want to be arrested,” CBS affiliate WKRC in Cincinnati reported. Deputies then repeatedly asked Hurd to leave, but she refused and attempted to climb the fence again. Deputies say was intoxicated. Hurd was arrested on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. She is now at the county jail. “Guess she’s getting what she wanted,” Jones tweeted. Deputies told WKRC this is the first time someone tried to break into the jail by trespassing. Hurd’s bond has been set at $2,500 and a court date is set for Aug. 9. Her attorney did not immediately return a message Monday.


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