So I haven’t eaten all day, and I go to this restaurant and I order the Avocado salad, because I like Avocados. They bring me the salad with my Mahi and Salmon on top of it, and I’m a little surprised because usually they have Avocados circled around the plate. But not this time. So I figure they’re buried underneath the lettuce.  They are, but only two. I’m too hungry at this point to say anything, but when I’m done and the waitress asks if I liked it, I say yes, accept there were only two avocados.  So she says she’ll talk to the manager. She comes back and says the manager said the cost of avocados went up so that’s why my salad had only two.  And I say my salad should cost less then.  She laughs.  Then I tell her, “look you need to tell the boss you can’t call it an Avocado salad if there’s no Avocados. Call it something else. Like, “The salad without the Avocados” or the “Not so Avocado Salad.” I thought at the very least they’d give me an avocado to go.  No such luck. You just can’t call a salad an Avocado salad unless there are a minimum of five Avocados in the salad. Otherwise it is considered false advertising. (See Chapter 11, Section 11.1 of the Rules of Restaurants, Naming of Salads.)

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