A Patent has just been issued for the Sunscreen-Shower. Sometimes referred to as the Sunscreen-Shower for losers and or lonely people.

I’m not as flexible as those people in La Cirque, and since I don’t have a significant other to apply sunscreen to my back there’s always a spot on the middle of my back that gets burnt. I’ve tried to reach it with the spray, but I can’t. So when I walk on the beach everyone sees this bright red spot on my back which may as well be called the mark of the lonely man or loser because everyone who sees it knows I can’t get a woman to put sunscreen on my back. Of course even if you do have a significant other spots can still be missed. The Sunscreen-Shower is a shower where all that comes out of it is sunscreen. This way you can make sure you don’t miss a spot. It will help people avoid getting skin cancer and at the same time prevent guys from getting the mark of the loser or lonely man.

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