I watched the video between the Judge and the woman who flipped him the bird down in Miami, Florida.  And while I of course agree that the woman should not have done that, it seemed to me that the Judge could have avoided the whole situation rather easily.  Yes the girl was giggly, and not taking the bond hearing seriously. And yes though she only made $200.00 a week she claimed to have the jewelry of  a rapper. But there was still no need for the Judge to get upset when she said “adios” in response to his rather flippant, “bye-bye.” Also, the charge was possession of Zanax bars, and a $5000 bond was much too high, and upping it to $10,000 because she said “adios,” was perhaps in her mind worthy of a flip-off, and a sentence of thirty days. Because if she can’t afford to bond out, she’d be there anyway. No doubt her jewelry is custom.  And really the only one who looked like fool here was the Judge. Adios amigo. (SEE LINK:

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