An owner of a show-dog is suing another dog owner with battery. Apparently, after two dogs got into it in Central Park their owners got into a fight over the dogs fighting. The two dogs were impounded on charges of running a Human Fighting Ring.  The dogs will appear at first appearance in Animal Court later this month. Neither Dog would comment on their case.



Dog Fight Leads to People Fight in Central Park

UNITED STATES - MAY 10:  Mayor Michael Bloomberg's dogs (I think Bonnie & Clyde) at his daughter Georgina competition in the Old Salem Farm Horse Show  (Photo by Enid Alvarez/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

In another juicy lawsuit dug up by the New York Daily News (they’re on kind of a roll this week), the owner of a show dog is suing another 74-year-old dog owner he says “cold-cocked” him after their canines fought in Central Park. “He just cold-cocked me and pummeled me,” plaintiff Jeffrey Drogin said. “I was holding his dog, so I was defenseless.” The 74-year-old “morphed into a pit bull” and broke one of Drogin’s teeth, the Daily News reports. Like a mother bear protecting its dalmatian.

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