So, I’m shopping for shirts at the Warehouse for Men, and I notice that one of the big selling points is that the buttons on the shirts are unbreakable.  And I’m thinking to myself, when did buttons breaking become such a big deal. At most, I’ve broken two or three over the course of my life.  I didn’t know that broken shirt buttons had reached epidemic proportions where someone actually thought, “you know what the world needs is, Unbreakable Buttons.”  And the saleswoman’s trying to get me to spend more money on a shirt that not only won’t my buttons break, but I’ll never have to iron, because it’s wrinkle-free. (Forget about the fact I rarely use an iron) But I’m thinking when I spill some Suri Juris on my shirt it’s not going to matter anyway, because the cleaner is going to send my shirt back with a note saying they couldn’t get out the stain, but hey at least they didn’t break any of my buttons. Truth be told, I’ve broken unbreakable buttons, and wrinkled my wrinkle-free shirts and pants. I need spill-free shirts.

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