I have to once again report on this actual case that I read in the Florida Law Weekly,  A.A.B. v. B.O.C., Jr., 38 FLW D1059(Fla. 2nd DCA 2013). Where it distinguishes between a Sperm Donor using artificial insemination in a laboratory, and a “Do it yourself” Sperm Donor using artificial insemination  at home. The case also mentions donating Sperm by performing the “old-fashioned way,” which obviously means sex, but not artificial insemination.

But the case never defines what “Do it yourself” artificial insemination is. I have surmised that it could be with a Turkey Baster, Water Pistol, Ear Drop or Eye Drop or Glass cleaner container, Spray gun can, by Playing Catch, Sitting on the Toilet… So if anyone has any other ideas please let me know. Thanks.

“Following a hearing, the trial court found that because the parties employed a “do-it-yourself” procedure to impregnate A.A.B., rather than a clinical one, section 742.14 did not apply.”

“The issue presented in this appeal is whether section 742.14 applies to deny parental rights to a sperm donor whose identity is known to the biological mother and where insemination occurs outside of a laboratory setting, but not in the “old-fashioned way.” Cf. Budnick v. Silverman, 805 So. 2d 1112, 114 (Fla. 4th DCA 2002) (holding that a father who impregnated his child’s mother in “the usual and customary manner” after signing a preconception agreement to forego parental responsibilities was not merely a sperm donor and thus was not statutorily bound to give away his parental rights).”



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