A search warrant executed on a man’s house in Pensacola, Florida revealed hundreds of stolen cameras and video cameras. The man was charged with Trafficking in Stolen Property and Conspiracy to Traffic in Stolen property.

He and a group of others staked out tourist areas positioning themselves near groups of people with cameras. Invariably, these co-conspirators were asked by unsuspecting tourists to take the tourists’ pictures.

The co-conspirators would take the pictures and then take-off with the cameras. The conspirators were caught during a sting operation where undercover police officers posed as tourists who wanted their pictures taken.

Though, the head of the conspiracy was sentenced to five years in prison his advertising idea for a commercial campaign for Cannon Cameras and Video Cameras made him enough money to retire from his life of crime.

In a series of commercials a family is touring some exotic area and they want someone to take their picture so the whole family can be in it and in each commercial unbeknownst to the family they ask a famous photographer and or movie director to take the picture.

In one commercial the camera is handed over to Ansel Adams and when the family gets home to view their picture they cannot figure out how a beautiful black and white landscape appears in the background.  In another commercial a video camera is handed over to Steven Spielberg and when the family gets home to view their home videos they see Dinosaurs in the background. The one with Quentin Tarrantino shows people being murdered in the background, and George Lucas’ has R2D2 in it. Future commercials will have other famous directors, including one where the director doesn’t like how the picture looks and starts yelling out directions, cutting every few seconds to take it again until the family gets it right. Of course the family keeps asking for the camera back.

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